Cannot play video file. Code 0x80004005 Unspecified error


Can anybody help me with this Cubase Studio 4 error? I have the latest version 4.5.2 Build 274 Sept 2 2008. I am trying to import a .mov file for a project I need finished by tomorrow and I get this error: Cannot play video file. Code 0x80004005 Unspecified error. It imports the video & I can see the thumbnails on the video track but does not play in the video window. Do I need to convert the video & if so what format & what codec does it have to be? I have tried the 2 formats of .AVI & .MOV & different codecs but either I get this error or it causes cubase to crash (i.e. just sit there doing nothing for over 20 mins & sometimes after that causes a BSOD) I have installed the latest version of FFDShow I could find which was rev3631 which made no difference…If anyone could help me I would be greatly appreciate it…