Cannot purchase an update need help

Hey, I’m trying to purchase the Cubase Pro 12 update and can’t do it.
I’ve been a registered Cubase user since the mid 90s and I’ve never had a problem purchasing before.

I cannot login to finish the purchase and when I use my email it says an account uses this email, Please login. I do and it says “Login failed”.
I hit the password request numerous times and I never get an email. Junk checked numerous times. I’m just not getting it.
Very frustrating, can’t place the order no matter what I do.
Can someone there fix this issue? I tried in my Mac AND my iPhone numerous times with same results.

The shop is managed by Asknet and has its own account. Are you sure you are using the correct login for the shop? May be you registered there with a different mail and password.

Yes I understand that, it says so on the order page.
That password doesn’t work though, it always did before and it won’t send me email for resetting it so I can’t order and don’t want to miss the sake.

Are you able to log-in/reset password from here?

Hello thank you for the reply!
Yes that’s where I’ve been requesting a password reset.

When I tried to open a ticket with asknet through the links from Steinberg I can’t open a ticket unless I have an order number.
I can’t order so no order number, so I can’t get direct help.

For anyone who looses their password, ordering is impossible.

Forget it folks I just used a different email and registered the update in my Steinberg account, worked fine that way.