Cannot purchase the upgrade C10.5 to 11

I’ve been trying to purchase the upgrade from Cubase 10.5 to 11 in the last couple hours, but the more I try the more the website looks like a joke to me.
Basically the main problem is that the upgrade is listed as unavailable (stating instead “Available soon”). For some reason it went back as available just once, so I managed to click on it a couple times, but the cart results empty nonetheless. The other upgrades are added to the cart properly, so this is not on my side.
Second - extremely annoying - issue is that MySteinberg requires me to type the two-step auth code and forces me to change my password on EVERY SINGLE LOGIN which, by the way, seems not to last when I close and reopen the browser. I can’t even begin to describe how annoying this is.

And yes, I tried multiple times from three different browsers and two different devices and, also, I tried accepting all the cookies (basically against my will). Nothing. Same exact issues every time.

Yes Steinberg has temporarily switch off purchasing due to their licensing servers being currently overwhelmed.
No point in selling if the user can’t use as it just creates a bigger complaint problem.
The company president issued a statement in various online locations. However I guess the purchasing servers are also distributed because when I looked at mine it didn’t show as suspended. However I decided to not risk the purchase given all the problems.