Cannot (re)install Cubase 6


I upgraded to Cubase 6 from Cubase Studio 4 some time ago. Everything worked pretty well.
However, when I tried to open Cubase 6 yesterday, my PC froze. I mean by this that there is no error message, not even the (infamous) blue screen: just a complete freeze of the whole PC forcing me to hard reboot (even “control-alt-delete” doesn’t work).

I tried many different things:

  1. Updated the eLCC: this caused several freezes as well and I had to manually delete all remaining eLCC files before it worked again. Now the eLCC works fine (see attached screenshot). Note that my Cubase 6 license was automatically upgraded to Cubase 6.5 (which I didn’t request) - Is this causing the issue ?

  2. Uninstalled Cubase 6 and tried to re-install it. Same issue: the installation process just freezes (no error message).

  3. Re-installed Cubase Studio 4 and this worked ok, but when I tried to re-do the upgrade to Cubase 6, I had the same freeze issue. Note that when I uninstalled Cubase Studio 4 again, a message stated that the installation of Cubase 6 64bit was suspended !? (See attached screenshot)

Can anyone help ?


Cubase Suspended.doc (1.39 MB)

Clean install maybe?

Yes, I tried this also … No success

Did you tried to clean all Steinberg, Cubase and elicenser entries in registry? After that you can try to install Cubase 6, and an up to date elicenser software.

Revo uninstaller and
CCleaner can help, but you can try doing this manually.

P.S. the license is directly upgraded to 6.5, and that should not be a problem.

Thanks Makumbaria. I just used CCleaner and did a manual cleanup afterwards. Still no success …

Are you sure you actually want help because I could not view that document (don’t have M$ word).

Here’s a PDF version of the attachments.
Cubase Suspended.pdf (464 KB)

MSI installer error


Try tu trash your preferences of Cubase (delete Corresponding Cubase folder/folders).

Apologies for my late response. I was abroad.
Thanks for your assistance.
I have (manually) deleted all Cubase related files. This didn’t help.
I also run MSI Installer and it couldn’t correct the problem.
I contacted the Steinberg Support service but they haven’t yet responded …