Cannot reactivate cubase element 11 after set up new window

Cannot reactivate cubase element 11 after set up new window

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Why not? Can you provide more details, please? Whitch step cannot you follow?

I already register e licenser successful but the product in the system cannot be found.
!!! I cannot attach the picture or video

I guess you have used a soft eLicenser and that can’t be simply recreated on a different machine or a new windows installation. You need to follow the instructions for reactivating your license

I understood . I follow step by step. But after register elicenser done. I cannot reactivat that not found product not found activation code in the cubase account.

Please verify the my account.


In this case, get in contact with your local Steinberg support. Provide them with your Download Access Code. They will be able to find your old Soft-eLicenser and place them to your MySteinberg account.

I cannot find out my download access code in my account.please inform the code to me.
I am in Thailand.Please tell me about the local contact.

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Provide any information to your local Steinberg support (MySteinberg email address; Download Access Code; SN of your Steinberg hardware, if you have any…).

You can find your local dealer here. It’s Siam Music Yamaha Co.,Ltd., on the given page, you will find all necessary contact information.

I sold only software at steinberg website.I don’t have Steinberg hardware.

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Then provide the email address, you are using in your MyStienberg account to your local Stienberg support.