Cannot reactivate my license! Please help

hi everyone,

A while ago I bought a Yamaha AG03 mixing console, that included a copy of Cubase. The first time everything went fine, BUT I did not register my elicenser/software on mysteinberg account. I didn’t recall something in the activation process asking me this. Anyway I needed to format my pc and tried to download cubase again.
I downloaded everything correctly, but when I need to reactivate my license, it says that no elicenser or software is registered. I tried everything but nothing. I think i got what the problem is:

  • I have a download access code
  • I HAVE NOT registered my elicenser/software on MYSteinberg THE FIRST TIME
  • If i put my download access code in the “activate” section it gives me the first ever license code, but it’s not working (i should reactivate)
  • i try to reactivate, but no software is registered on MySteinberg, so it’s like it is non existent

Since the elicenser is linked with the hard disk, i think that the first time I used the code it was linked with that hard disk. Once you format, you need a new elicense, but since i never saved or registered my old elicense I cannot activate anything, even if I bought the product.

I tried contact steinberg support by email but I got no response.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance

P.S. I hope everything is clear, English is not my native language. If something is not clear feel free to ask

Hi and welcome,

You have to get in contact with your local Steinberg support. Provide them your Download Access Code. They will be able to find your Soft-eLicenser and register it to your MYSteinberg account. Then you can reactivate.