cannot read cubasis project file. reason: unknown format

I’m getting the error message when trying to import Cubasis projects onto desktop PC running Windows 7;
“cannot read cubasis project file. reason: unknown format”

I’m using Artist 8 but also tried Elements 7
This is happening with old Cubasis projects as well as new projects exported using the latest Cubasis update.

Any ideas or any known issues ?


With import you mean that successfully transfered a project to your system and then try to import it into Cubase?

You are using the latest version of the Cubasis Project Importer? If so and the problem still remains, would you mind sharing a project with us for further investigation? You can send my the project with dropbox for example and the link via PM.


Hello I’m having the same issue.
project importer should be the current version, I just downloaded it last month.
Using elements 7.

Please Help!
could original poster please let me know if the issue was ever resolved?

Hi upshift76,

Here is a perfect tutorial how to import Cubasis projects with Cubase:

Please find the required Cubasis importer right here;

Please let me know if this helps to solve the issue.