Cannot record midi track. Cubase 12.20 professional

You pay over $600 for this software and they create upgrades from Cubase 12 pro to Cubase 12.20 pro
Initially with Cubase 12 the original I was able to record Midi tracks-The latest update 12.20 Is non-functional. I thought it might be my Yamaha Genos and Arrangers keyboard so I went over to Cakewalk band lab which is Sonar platinum. It recorded my midi track using the concert grand piano in the Yamaha Genos perfectly. It leads me to the conclusion that the latest update. 12.20 Has a midi recording bug in it. I even factory set the preferences with no help. All of my routing is perfect
Midi recording is essential to this software
In fact you cannot even record on an instrumental track using a VSTI instrument. Come on Steinberg let’s get working on this - Time is money!!!

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There is no Cubase 12.20, the latest version is Cubase 12.0.20. Update from Cubase 12.0.0 to 12.0.20 is for free.

Could you be more specific about your issue?

No crime leaving out the zero I am very aware of the latest version

I don’t know how much more specific I could be but when I had Cubase 12 pro the original I didn’t have this problem I rely heavily on recording Midi tracks from my Yamaha Genos

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You can be much more specific. There are lots of open questions.

How is the MIDI Input of the given track setup? Do you use All MIDI Inputs or the dedicated Input? Which one?

How is your MIDI Filter setup?

Do you use any Input Transformer?

Can you see the MIDI Part after the recording?

Well this is as detailed as you have gotten so far

I’m thinking there might be some room for at least one or two specifics beyond “non-functional”. You wouldn’t tell your doctor you are “sick” and nothing more & expect them to figure it out. We can’t read your mind or magically see what is happening when you try to record MIDI (which by the way works perfectly normal here and judging by the lack of thousands of posts about MIDI problems seems to be working fine for most folks).

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“How is the MIDI Input of the given track setup? Do you use All MIDI Inputs or the dedicated Input? Which one?”

Never use ALL Midi Just a midi track created for my Yamaha Genos instrument selection (work staion Genos 1 work staion 2 - it allows you to select your instrument. I created one midi track to test it… Track 1

How is your MIDI Filter setup? In preferences, Nothing is checked - record or thru no numbers 1-16 are checked

“Do you use any Input Transformer?” None

"Can you see the MIDI Part after the recording? NO when I start to record, it starts off as a blank gray with no midi data - when I stop, it goes back to black as if nothing was recorded.

The same thing happens if I create an instrumental track and select a VSTI instrument.

What is the next step?

Problem solved see the picture

SysEx. Both have to be checked

It was one of your questions that lead me to the answer

Thank you so much

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I posted the solution. Everybody was very helpful and I went on a treasure hunt and found it

Yes the latest Cubase 12 professional version is functional - my apologies

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We’ve all been there, where everything you had planned on doing gets sidelined by some mysterious problem.

Thank you for your encouragement you’re a good man and I won’t forget this

Alan Russell