Cannot record to HDD


I have problems creating projects and recording audio to some folders and/or hard disks.

On my D-drive (HDD) it’s impossible to record in any project, old or new. This problem occurs with any version of Cubase. When arming a track I get the message “could not create record file”. If I select the C drive (SSD) when creating a new project, no problemo.

In some folders on the D drive I can’t even create a new project. Of course I checked if certain folders are write protected, but changing that doesn’t make a difference.

I don’t have this problem with other programs. Maybe it’s something to do with my backup program (Carbonite), but pausing it doesn’t help either…

Does anyone have an idea for a solution? I searched around, but nothing works.

Thanks, Daan


Make sure you have a permission to write to the drive and to the folders, please.

Thanks, but that was the first thing I did. I am the owner of the folders and have full admin rights. The read-only mark is checked though. When I remove read-only mark from the folders, it comes right back the next time I look at the properties.


Read-only is not write… Could you try to start Cubase as administrator, please.

Hi, I made sure those folders are write enabled. It’s only Cubase that says they are not. I also started Cubase as administrator, without effect.

Thanks, Daan

Okay, this is weird. I bought a second SSD and did a complete fresh install (a multiboot PC is very neccesary, but I avoided it so far).

I started Cubase, created a new project and selected a problematic folder for it. It gave the message “That folder is write protected. Do you want to enable writing?” or something like that. After that, it would record to that folder.

I really don’t understand what happened here. Is there some setting in Cubase to write protect a folder? Why didn’t my other installation give this warning?? Why couldn’t I change this in Windows itself???


It would be nice to know the message exactly. The best would be a screenshot. Actually I doubt it was Cubase message. My expectation is, it was a system message.