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I am new to this forum. I bought a Cubase LE 4 from Amazon UK about a month ago and downloaded the software and used it with great success, but I did not register for various reasons. I tried to use the software again today and it wouldn’t start until I registered. I followed the online instructions and entered the only 25 digit code which was on the disk sleeve, called CUBASE Serial Number. I could not find the Download Access Code anywhere. It did NOT work.

Does anyone know if this is the number I should be entering and if so why I cannot register? If not and there are no other numbers anywhere on the discs, box, instruction manual or as separate sheet, then is it possible it has not been omitted by Steinberg?? If the latter is correct, how can I get through registeration. I would like to use the software asap and am very frustrated! I am tempted sending the whole lot back to Amazon and getting another box ordered. Any advise would be greatly appreciated before I take such an action! Thanks.

Hello Freddy,

To receive an activation code for your LE OEM Software please close all other programs and download and run the following file:

For Windows:

For Mac:

Once you have installed the eLC helper, open the eLicenser Control Center and copy the Soft-eLicenser Number:

To copy a Soft-eLicenser number, open the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) which can be found in the “Program Files” (Windows) or “Applications” (Mac) folder. Select “Registration” from the top menu, choose the 20-digit Soft-eLicenser number and click on “Copy Serial Number”.

Next, login to your MySteinberg account or create one if you haven’t yet.

In your MySteinberg account go to MyProducts>Add Software>Select Cubase LE>Cubase LE4

Now paste the Soft-eLicenser number into the corresponding field in MySteinberg and select the OEM Partner (The Hardware Manufacture) and click “Continue”

This will provide you with a 32 character activation code that begins with 0240.

To download the license to your computer, open the eLicenser Control Center (For PC: Start menu, All Programs, eLicenser, eLicenser Control Center | For MAC: Applications, eLicenser Control Center). Then click on the green “Enter Activation Code” button at the top left. Follow the instructions to enter your code (you can copy and paste your code using the normal commands).

Your computer needs to be connected to the internet to complete this download. If you have any trouble with this download, please reply to this email.


I have installed elicenser and have the 20 characters of soft elicenser (permanent) serial number but when I launch Cubase LE 4 it still prompts me to register because there is no license show up on the elicenser. I have the Cubase LE 4 serial number printed on the disk sleeve. How do I register? I bought this OEM when I bought Lexicon Lamda years ago but never install it until now. Thank you.


Sorry I addressed you as Greg in my previous email. The Helper link for Window given on this site/topic retrieve no file found error.

404 Not Found :laughing:

Download it here: