Cannot Resize Inspector / Visibility Area


I have a project with long track names and need to use the visibility manager on the left to hide / show tracks. Unfortunately, the track names are so long I cannot really judge which tracks I’m hiding. And I cannot resize this area.

On the right side, I can make the VST Instruments / Media Bay area bigger and resize it by dragging the left border. But I cannot do this in the right area with the Inspector and Visibility area.

Is this normal?

Yes to my knowledge this is as designed. Basically, the reason why I don’t use it most of the time.

That’s utter garbage!

The only way is to rename them.
I had the same question for a large project and it’s the only solution that was possible.
The other is to work in 4K with very small resolution in order to have more informations.
But it depends of your graphic cards and capabiltys to have the eyes on the screen :open_mouth:

I think the DOS era with 8.3 filenames is long gone.

Anyway it’s possible to resize in the mix console and to enable the synchronize selection of console/project track selection window.
I hope it could help…

Yeah, that’s how I do it as well. In the Mix Console, you can expand it.

But +1, this should just be expandable in the Project Window as well so the Tracknames can be readable.

Another bug/tool in the long list…
The expansion is limited in the mix console.
But yes it does exist in one direction why not in the other ?

A possible work around until something better come along could be…

don’t use the inspector from the arrange page

open 2 floating windows, a mix window and arrange window, make the mix window tall and skinny (or as big as you need) on the left of the screen (where the inspector is usually) and the rest of the screen place the arrange window.

so you are now using an “inspector” but from the mix window (with all its resizing ability)

Thanks for the creative workaround. :wink:

Just using the visibility inspectors and linking, I already found some bugs. I tried the trick, linking MixConsole and Project, but it is quite erratic for me. I hide tracks in the mixer, and tracks disappear as expected from Mixer and Project. I hide other tracks, and tracks disappear from Mixer, but stay visible in Project. Also, disabled tracks don’t show up in the mixer’s visibility tab, so I cannot hide them there. It’s so buggy I un-synced the views again and leave it be.