Cannot Run 2 instances Error

I am attempting to set-up VST connect as per the manual. I have Cubase Pro 8.5 and VST connect SE. I get as far as the
“Setting up the VST Connect SE Cue Mix Plugin” section. Attempting to follow the “Insert VST Connect Cue Mix Plug-in on the “To Performer” track” section and get an error “You can not run 2 instances of Connect SE”. and that’s it.
This is the first project on which I have tried to use connect, this is the only attempt I have made to set the system up. I have followed the instructions to the letter, and removed ALL of the other effects and send plug-ins in the project. This is a test project with only one audio track, which I am using as the recording track for connect. What can I be doing wrong? I had a quick look and although there seem to be several issues with Connect, I can’t see this one anywhere. :wink:

You are messing things up it seems. Or you are using a very outdated version or manual. Make sure to update VST Connect to the latest version.
You should not want to deal with the Cue Mix plugin at all. In fact you should try what we suggest over and over:

  • create an empty Cubase project
  • select VST Connect/Create VST Connect either from the Projects/VST Connect menu or since Cubase 8.5 from the VST Cloud/VST Connect menu
  • make sure to setup the Talkback connections in the Devices/Vst Connections/Studio tab (this needs to be done only once for the Performer to hear you).
    This is all that is required to get up and running with VST Connect.
    If you have already messed with the Control Room (said Studio Tab), remove all VST Connect Cue channels if there are several (we will prohibit this to happen with the new version) and apply “Repair VST Connect”. Do not install any VST Connect plugin by yourself, there is no need unless you want to do something special which you should only want to do if you fully understand the workings of the Control Room, cue sends and the likes.

Try as suggested. Does it work? If not, what doesn’t work as you expect?

So far so good. It seems your suggestion that my docs were out of date was correct. I’ll have to wait until later to check it out fully
Thank You.