Cannot save FX chain presets anymore...

Hey guys, I have some chain fx that I want to save and load into new projects, but all of a sudden Cubase wont let me make a new folder, or save the preset.

A new folder wont appear once you name it and press enter.

More importantly, when you name the preset and select save, the preset doesn’t save or come up in the save preset window. The only thing that happens when your press enter, is that the save preset window pops back up without saving.

Anyone else having this issue?

Same for me, except with VST plugin presets and EQ presets. If, for example, I try to save my EQ preset, it will not show any previous presets and after hitting save, the save window will pop up again. Pretty annoying and the reason I register for this forum.
Cubase 7.5
Win8.1 x64

You need to delete the “Defaults.xml” and the “RAMPresets.xml”
or search the forum for “presets nothing happens”

Thanks for the suggestion.
Does that work for anyone?

One way to use insert presets form one project in another is to open the project with the desired fx chain and drag the parts to the new project. It’s not the way its supposed to go but it works.

Also if you want to use the chain from the master, you can move all of those to an audio or instrument track and then move a part on that track to the new project. Then of course move the fx chain to the master in the new project.

Hope there will be a real fix soon.

Anyone get a solution to this yet, its a pretty big problem for me and cant understand why it doesnt work, i have Master fx chain presets and now i can save any more…
Thanks :slight_smile:

…Anyone? still a problem with Cubase 7.5.40
this is really annoying me at this stage… anyone??

nobody having this problem?? head melt here…

Really? 2016 now and i still have this problem… someone please advise?

To temporary solve “FX Chain Preset” saving problem do the following:

  • Assemble the chain that needs to be saved as an" FX Chain Preset" (e.g., add various plugins into the insert slot of a track in the MixConsole)
  • Right click on the track’s name in the MixConsole and choose "Save Track Preset…"
  • Then save it the normal way as FX Chain Preset (e.g., click on the cube right next to INSERTS and choose “Save FX Chain Preset…”)

[Remark: The interesting thing is that you just need to save your FX chain once as “Track Preset” and after that just don’t do anything. Just go ahead and save your chain as “FX Chain Preset” as you would usually do it. Then try to load it. Should work]