Cannot select part after recording


I’ve noticed a strange problem with Artist 8. If I record a midi part (any instrument) using my keyboard I cannot edit it when I’ve finished recording. I can’t delete it, mute it or edit it in any way. When I hover over it I don’t get the re-sizing squares at at the bottom corners either. If I double-click on it I just get a new empty part between the locators.
The only way I can remove it is to delete the whole instrument track.

This is driving me nuts!

Any ideas?

Strange… I also own Artist 8 with latest patch. I tried it for you. Created a new instrument track with HSSE and recorded some measures using my keyboard. Then after recording I can edit the midi part as normal. Delete, resize, double-click it and edit notes etc… To be honest I don’t know what is happening for you and I know it doesn’t help you if it works for me. Anyway… this indicates that it’s not a common problem. For what it’s worth… it would drive me nuts too.

Oh… I forgot… Make sure you have the Object selection tool enabled (the Arrow) and not accidentaly the Range selection tool or something. The only times you cannot edit a midi file is when you Lock Position + Size + Other. But to do that you need to have a midi part first.

Do you perhaps come from another daw that has the smart tool? Cubase does not do it like for instance Sonar. You need to select your tool first.

Hi Beagle,

would it be possible that your track / part is locked? Check on the upper let corner of the part if a padlock symbol appears. You can also check in the inspector if the padlock button is opened or closed.

Hope this helps

I have same problem with cubase 10 pro, any solution found?