Cannot Set Articulation on Info Line

I was previously able to set an articulation on the info line, but in the last few days have not been able to do it. When clicking on Articulation in the Info Line on the Key Editor screen, it does not respond and does not show a menu of articulations. This is what I am trying to do:

Inserting Articulations via the Info Line

I do have an expression map selected that has articulations. Here is a simple way to reproduce it.

  1. Create an instrument track using Halion Sonic SE.
  2. In Halion Sonic SE, select a “VX” preset which has articulations such as “Large Strings VX”.
  3. Import the expression map key switches, and confirm the imported expression map is selected.
  4. Create a clip on the track. Open the Key Editor and create some notes.
  5. Select a note. Try to set an articulation via the info line by clicking on the Articulations item. The menu does not pop up, and it remains set to None. It should have popped up a menu with the articulations listed.

I can successfully set articulations using the Articulations/Dynamics lane in the key editor. It just does not work when using the Info Line.

It was working when using the Info Line a few days ago, so I’m not sure what went wrong. I tried starting in safe mode with preferences disabled and it didn’t fix it. Is there a setting I may have changed? Or is this a bug?

It is working here, so I would suggest starting Cubase with disabled prefs, aka Cubase Safe Start mode to eliminate trouble there…

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Only ‘attribute’ type appear in articulation info submenu. (I never understand why)
In the expr. map pannel setup, try to change type ‘direction’ into ‘attribute’

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That solved it! Strange, because I didn’t recall having to do this previously. Perhaps I created an expression map manually and set it as Attribute when it was working before. But I thought I had simply imported the key switches from Halion Sonic and was able to access them in the Info Line. I see now that the key switches are imported using the Direction setting. So they weren’t showing in the Info Line.

It would be wonderful if instead all of the articulations were available in the Info Line. And even if they are set as Direction, they would be interpreted using the Attribute behavior if set for a single note via the Info Line.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction on this. Hopefully this requirement on the Type makes it into the manual in the section on setting the Articulation on the Info Line.

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