Cannot set input levels on non-default buses

I’m running Cubase LE 8 on Windows 10 through a Lexicon I-Onix U42S interface . If I set up 2 stereo input buses for my four input channels, the first bus is automatically set as the default and I can set my input levels on those 2 channels without any problems. However, I cannot set levels on the other 2 channels (that is, on the NON-default bus). If I make “Stereo 2” the default bus, then I can set levels on its 2 channels, but I lose the ability to set levels on the channels in the “Stereo 1” bus. In other words, Cubase is only “listening” on the default bus, which makes it impossible to record on all four of my input channels simultaneously. The same situation also occurs if I set up either a stereo bus plus two mono buses, or four mono buses.

Harman (Lexicon) has been able to reproduce the problem, and my support guy said it did NOT manifest in LE 9.5 or 10. It also didn’t occur in any other DAW software that he tried out; just Cubase.

Before anyone asks, I have reinstalled all necessary drivers and patches several times. The same problem existed in LE 4 (which came bundled with my I-O U42S) and I had hoped that upgrading to LE 8 would fix it. Not!

Has anybody run across this in LE 8 and, if so, were you able to get around it somehow?

Having the same issue here with a Focusrite 18i20. Did you ever find the solution?