Cannot setup audio monitoring correctly!

Right i am a complete beginner on cubase, but fairly good with logic pro x. I can input monitor easily on logic just by selecting my output to my M audio AV40 monitors. However on cubase i do not see this option and it seems to be all about buses and inputs etc. my monitors are working fine on the internet and logic etc, just cubase i need help with.

I have a microphone going straight into my USB interface then into the USB port in the mac as normal. Within the mac my output audio is my (headphones) which is actually my monitors as they plug into in headphone port on the mac via 3.5mm jack.

i have no idea what i am doing wrong and why i cant work it on cubase but it works on everything else…any help would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks.


In Cubase, you have to use the same device as Input and Output. So if you are using your USB device (which soundcard is it) as an Input, you have to use this device also as an Output. You can choose the device in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System. Select the ASIO driver, here.

Some more info about your hardware would be helpful but here are general suggestions:

I’m guessing that in CB in Devices>Device Setup>VST Audio System you do have your audio interface (driver) chosen from the ASIO Driver dropdown list. The next step is to go to CBs Devices>VST Connections section where you can add and assign the input and output busses. The available busses from your interface should be listed on those tabs but if not choose “Add Buss” and add them. The output buss should be listed something like “Stereo Out” and it should be assigned to your interface main outputs.

Now when you record tracks in CB you have to make sure those tracks are assigned the correct inputs and outputs. One place to do that is in the “Inspector”. Click on the track number and a drop down menu will appear where you can assign the I/Os. In the output section make sure the “Stereo Out” is chosen.

During recording you should be able to monitor yourself by clicking on the track “monitor” button (looks like a speaker). During playback you need to shut off the tracks “Monitor” function.

Good luck and let us know how you made out.

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Ok, I understand now, so how do I connect my monitors to my Usb interface? What cable so I need? I have been using a phono to 3.5mm jack into my macs headphone port. How do I connect to the usb interface? It has a L & R for speakers but what cable do I need exactly please? Thanks guys I know this is basic stuff.

You didn’t mention what your audio interface is but on mine I use a cable with 1/4" TRS connectors at both ends. They plug in to my interface main outs (1L & 2R) then to my monitors. Maybe you can only use 1/4" TS connectors or something else? It depends on your specific hardware.

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HI, my monitors are m audio av40, they have a TRS L and R on them. My usb interface is a m audio fast track, it just says fast track guitar, it has one xlr input, quarter inch jack and the L and R speaker inputs. so do i need a double TRS to phono cable?


On the front side of your Fast Track, there is a headphones output (jack 3,5). Please, connect your headphones to this output, instead of the MacBook headphones output.

Based from what I hope is your interface model manual (see link) it looks like you need two separate cables. Each having RCA and TRS connections. You probably could substitute a TS for the TRS jack if that happens to be what you have. FYI…Based on the quick read I did it looks like the speaker outputs on the Fast Track are disabled when you have earphones plugged into the from panel.

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PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile works good with cubase ?

Yes it does. I answered your PM. :wink:

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