Cannot setup audio monitoring correctly!

Right i am a complete beginner on cubase, but fairly good with logic pro x. I can input monitor easily on logic just by selecting my output to my M audio AV40 monitors. However on cubase i do not see this option and it seems to be all about buses and inputs etc. my monitors are working fine on the internet and logic etc, just cubase i need help with.

I have a microphone going straight into my USB interface then into the USB port in the mac as normal. Within the mac my output audio is my (headphones) which is actually my monitors as they plug into in headphone port on the mac via 3.5mm jack.

i have no idea what i am doing wrong and why i cant work it on cubase but it works on everything else…any help would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks.

You shouldn’t duplicate requests in different topics. See a few answers to your request in the general section.

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