Cannot Share projects

Using Cubasis 3.5.3 on a HP Chromebook, with the latest ChromeOS version.

From the mediabay, selecting a project and then Share does not prompt to Share (using the available methods). Instead, a Duplicate .cbp is automatically made instead (no prompt).

I have an old android tablet which is not capable of running cubasis efficiently, but I have been able to verify that Share does work there as expected.

Is there a known problem with ChromeOS, or is it something with my Chromebook?

Hi @nichz,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Please take a look at the “MediaBay” chapter of the Cubasis help, to find out if it helps to resolve your problem:

Hope that helps!


Hi Lars,

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help. As I said, it works fine on my Android, so it’s not a usage error.

Either there is some Chromebook setting I am unaware of, or it is a bug. I’m sure other users are using Chromebooks, or it could be easily verified in your lab. Can it at least be confirmed that it is not a Chromebook bug?

Incidentally, if I select something from another folder in the mediabay (eg, midi, instrument), the Share does work. It’s only the items in the Project folder which don’t work

I’ve asked a friend with an ASUS Chromebook to see if they can Share projects. They’ve never had to use this before, but on trying it found they could also not Share projects.

So it’s either a Cubasis bug, or there is some default Chromebook setting preventing this. Give I can share other items like midi, my money is on the former.

Btw, I intend to use Cubasis as a mobile studio. I want to be able to Share (export) the projects so that I can load into Cubase, which is I use for the actual grunt work.

Hi @nichz,

Our engineering gave the issue a check using the Google Pixelbook Go and Lenovo Duet 5, where things work as expected.

Do you use ChromeOS V112?


Hi Lars,

Thanks for checking. Interesting, with a HP & ASUS Chromebook failing here, I was expecting it to be a bug

Yes, I am using ChromeOS 112. I’ll dig into it, see if I can find out anything else.

Ok, I’m observing some pretty weird behaviour.

Firstly, I confirmed (again) that Share does work from my Android tablet, so it’s not a usage problem (for normal usage, I can’t use Cubasis on this tablet, as it is too low spec’d).

Back to the HP Chromebook. I found the following:

When I select Share:

  1. There is a momentary message that the project is being compressed. After that nothing.
  2. However, I found that a zip is created and put in the Trash. This cannot be seen from the mediabay, but by using the Files app to navigate to the Cubasis storage directory.
  3. When I go to Trash in the Mediabay, I get the following message: “Project was imported into the Mediabay.”
    Screenshot 2023-04-26 7.26.35 PM

When that happens, Trash appears empty, however in the Projects folder, it looks like there is now a duplicate! (Which was my initial observation when I opened this thread).

Anyway, I’ve tried playing around with the Share options in Settings, but to no avail.

Hi @nichz,

Here is some additional feedback from our engineering:

What you observed is normal behavior for the case that sharing is aborted. Cubasis always creates a zip file of the project folder. Then it tells Android (or ChromeOS) to show the system’s default dialog for sharing this zip file. For some unknown reason, this dialog doesn’t appear on your Chromebooks, which makes Cubasis think that the share operation was aborted. Just to be on the safe side, Cubasis moves the zip file into the Trash. When you open (restore) it from the trash folder, Cubasis moves it into the Projects folder and renames it, since a project with the same name already exists. All this is normal, but the mystery is why the system’s default share dialog doesn’t show up.


Hi Lars,

Interesting, makes sense, thanks for checking on that.

It is a mystery, for a couple of reasons:

  1. Sharing of other items works (e.g. midi), so Share does work in some cases.
  2. A friend observed the same behaviour on his Asus Chromebook. He’s never had to use the Share before, so didn’t notice till I asked him to check.

I’ve checked all the settings, tweaked a few with no success. Not sure where to go from here.