Cannot start Cubase Pro 8 trial from Cubase Artist 8

I am a licensed user of Cubase Artist 8. I want to launch the Cubase Pro 8 trial for testing purposes, but this does not work.

  • I go to File/Preferences/General
  • I tick the box “Run Cubase Pro 8 trial version at next program start”
  • I click “Apply” and “OK”
  • I quit Cubase Artist 8 and restart.
  • Cubase Artist 8 starts up again, NOT Cubase Pro 8.

This appears to be a bug. Can someone give me a work-around? How do I start the Pro trial in some other way?

Looking around on the Cubase (Pro) 8 forum, it seems that many other preferences are not being saved and recalled. It’s high time for an update with fixes, sehr geehrte Damen und Herren der Steinbergs!