cannot sync Cubase with external Synth

Hi everyone, I hope you can help me. I am trying to sync a Microkorg with Cubase E9 and have absolutely not success. The soundcard midi ins and outs are set to active in Cubase. Sync out (MC clock) is active. As far as the instructions on the Microkorg: set the midi channel, set midi clock to external, set local control to off and midi thru or echo back in Cubase. I don´t know what they mean by “midi thru” or “echo back”. Where do I find that? Is that the little speaker icon in the track?
Anyway, absolutely nothing works. I do not hear a thing when arp is pressed on the keyboard, not matter if local control is on or off, the microkorg makes not sound. It only makes a sound when arp is off.

Just to be sure… The project is actually playing when you play the keys so that midi clock can be sent?

Not sure exactly what you’re trying to accomplish but MIDI Thru is on by default on the active MIDI track in Cubase. The speaker icon on the track is for monitoring a track and should not need to be clicked to get MIDI Thru working.

Is there a sequence on the Korg that you’re hoping to synch or the Arpegiator? As Grim says, is the project playing?

yes I want to sync the arpegiator. It doesn´t matter if the project is playing or not, I do not hear anything on the Microkorg when the arp button on the synth is engaged…
Does the project have to be playing? I have another synth, the Yamaha Montage, that is always in sync with Cubase, also when the project is not playing. Yamaha have precise instruction videos on how to setup the Montage with Cubase. That´s why it works.
But me trying up to setup this really simplistic Microkorg that only has a single midi channel and very few settings doesn´t work.

I don’t see how the Korg can receive the clock information if there’s no project playing?

Or do you mean you can’t even hear a note when the Arp is on?

I can´t hear a single note when arp is on. The Korg is completely out of order until I put it back to internal clock.

Just saw a video on youtube, this seems to be a common problem, you´re right, the Korg will be mute unless pushing play in the DAW. Unfortunately. I can push play all I want, it stays mute. So I didn´t setup Cubase right.

I will never understand midi in it´s entierty, but why does the Microkorg only sync when something is playing and the Yamaha not? When nothing is playing and I change the BMP in a Cubase project, the BMP of the Yamaha changes accordingly on its display. How does that work? Isn´t midi clock always the same?

I would guess that the Yamaha receives the BPM information from something other than MIDI Clock? But I’d start by trying to match the settings used with the Yamaha…but I’m really guessing here as I don’t use MIDI Clock much myself these days but thought it was only sent when a sequence was running (or is there a Send MIDI Clock in stop option in Cubase?).

Not at my a computer with anything attached that I could test it with at the moment but I will check when I am.

The fact that you can’t play the Korg at all when ARP is on must be relevant.

Go to transport, project synchronization setup.
At the bottom you will see a menu for midi clock out. Enable the midi channel to the korg.

Now the korg will slave to cubase

And also enable send midi clock in stop mode. If you want constant midi clock sendt.

got it to work! thank you!!!

Good news. For other folk with the issue in future, was it Reflection’s instructions that worked?


Hi, I think I didn´t click on my soundcard in the midi sync settings and that´s why it didn´t work, but I´m not really sure, with all those settings. I made screenshots now so when I forget I don´t have to guess again… Also the youtube video about the Microkorg only synchronizing when a project is playing is wrong. In Cubase, it is now in sync at all times. I do have another DAW, Magix Sampliutde, and with that one I can only get my synths to sync when the project is running. So I wonder what is the difference, why can Cubase do this, isn´t midi clock supposed to be the same with all software and gear? As far as the midi stop mode, if that´s what it is that causes the synths to always be in sync, then I do not see a setting for it in Magix Samplitude, or it is called something else… Cubase must be automatically set to midi stop mode because I didn´t set it up.

I suspect sending Midi clock in stop mode is the difference between Cubase and Samplitude. As far as I can see it’s not on by default though…at least it’s not on in my system and I don’t remember turning it off!

Glad you got it working though.

It is the midi clock option of slaving to the transport or be constant. Wich makes the most confusion.

cubase can do alot of things other then midi clock. Thats probly why we have constant midi clock as an option.

I have always bin happy with the options of hw control in cubase.
I run 12 hw synths and a ipad. I also have sysex enabled. And I swap on system clock all the time. Some times I slave cubase after my ipad, if im using sequenser on the ipad.
I also use smpte with my tape recorders. So I have alot going on in the transport setup. Cubase have all the tools to make that setup work like a dream.

…good to know all this still works, Reflection.

I still have my old 8 track and its synch unit and keep meaning to transfer everything across to the newest version of Cubase. Just hope the time code is readable!

It will work as it always have done :slight_smile:

…shall put some time aside to give it a go this week! :slight_smile: