Cannot transpose an audio track that has been glued

I am using Cubase 7 Le and I know this must be a frequently asked question but…

Why will it not allow me to transpose and audio track that has be glued together? I of course can transpose a track that has not been glued but has been edited by cut and paste by selecting all of the individual sections but after it’s “glued” together it will not longer allow to to transpose it. That part of the info line just does not show up anymore. If there is a way please tell me what I am doing wrong …or not doing. I’ve only been using Cubase for about 8 months now and I have found the editing capabilities of this program are fantastic and very easy once you get over the learning curve. I’ve been able to figure out or find out the answers to most questions but this one just eludes me. Even if it just won’t allow you to do it then I will be fine with that as well but at least I will finally know that it is not something that I’m doing or not doing.

If anyone can help me out here I would appreciate it very much.



Because if you glue it, it’s not Audio Event anymore it’s Audio Part instead.

Select Audio menu > Bounce selection. Then it becomes a new Audio Event, and you can transpose.

thank you for telling me how to use the bounce feature. That really helps and will save me a lot of headaches in the future. I am finding that there are a lot of features this program has that are not outlined in the help manual. I appreciate you taking the time to respond so quickly.