Cannot transpose an octave down with Shift + down

Hi there

Since a few weeks (or maybe since C13?) I can’t transpose an octave down using the shift + down shortcut.
I can only transpose an octave up with shift + up.

I can’t seem to find the relevant command in the settings.

Any help greatly appreciated :wink:

If you show the Transpose Palette in the Key Editor, then click on the Move Down More command, then open the Key Commands window, it should automatically select the appropriate function.

Found it. thank you so much!

Under the nudge - down larger steps command.
Not really logical to be in the “nudge” menu, and “down (larger steps)” is not really meaningful, but now I know :smiley:

IMO should be in the transpose section, under “transpose octave down” function.
But I don’t decide :smiley: