Cannot type in "save as" text in Ampeg SVX

As soon as i left click in the “Save with name” textbox in Ampeg SVX the plugin GUI as (well as the transport bar!) dissapears… What gives? A bridge issue?

I’m running Ampeg SVX 32 bit in Cubase 6 64 bit on a Win 7 machine.

amplitube 3 is x64 & free you can load your ampex inside !

Loss of focus? Is the dialog box hidden beneath the project window? Does it’s button appear in the task menu?

The dialog box is right there, in front of the GUI in full focus. All dropdown menues are accessible but once i click in one of the text boxes the whole plugin dissapears. And so does the transport bar.

Right click on the plug in and turn off “Always on Top”. Then the save as functionality will work. This is a compatibility issue between Cubase and Amplitube / Ampeg plug ins. If you are going to be saving alot of presets with these, they work better with the “Always on top” option turned off.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest because of all the trees… :smiley:
Thank you Everett!