Cannot Update Waves Plugins because Nuendo supposedly running

I am trying to update my Waves plugins through Waves Central, but I keep getting an error message “Please close the following applications: Nuendo”. But Nuendo is not running in the background. I checked all background processes, but no Nuendo. I also restarted my PC multiple times, but I keep getting the error. So here is my question:

Are there any Nuendo dependencies running in the background, even after I close the application? If so, which ones and how can I close them?

My System is Nuendo 11
Windows 10 Pro
AMD Ryzen 9 5959X

I did contact Waves support, but this seems to be a Nuendo issue.

Any help or clues appreciated.
Thank you.

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Waves wrote back. There is in fact a process running in the background that is not ended when Nuendo ends. Here is the solution:

To end the process -

  1. Access Task Manager
  2. Go to Details
  3. Find the process named se.trevligaspel.nuendo and highlight it
  4. Click End Task

Question: Why is there still a Nuendo process running after I quit Nuendo?


It’s not an Nuendo process, it’s a plug-in that is installed to communicate between Nuendo and StreamDeck.

My guess is the Waves update/install script performs a check for running processes with the name Nuendo in it.

As a side note, open Task Manager and have a look at the amount network resources StreamDeck is consuming. It is a very busy, resource intense device, that has no business running on a professional workstation like Nuendo. It will eventual cause audio resource spikes and other weirdness in Nuendo, due to the constant network interrupt/thrashing.


Stream… not Steam
might be no big deal… but Steam has introduced a Steam-Deck… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Interested in how it works out, let us know how it goes using StreamDeck in resource intense projects.

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Thank you for your comment. That would be the culprit then. I am using StreamDeck with my custom icons together with a third-party app that can also do midi commands. What is interesting: Waves knew immediately which process was the culprit, so I guess I wasn’t the first one experiencing this issue. Since that process is tied to StreamDeck, it will only end when I end StreamDeck, which makes total sense. So far I did not experience any issues, but I will watch out for any instabilities in the future.

Thanks so much avviano! I had a similar issue this morning trying to install some new Waves plug-ins, and by following your instructions I was able to install the plugins without any problems.

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I’m glad the post helped you out!

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