Cannot Upgrade Cubasis VST to Cubase SX

The topic on importing/converting older song files (.ALL) to .cpr by installing SX, SL or SE has been locked, but I’d like to take a chance on a further question. The solution indicated ‘your current license’ will work with these versions; however I found that not to be the case:

I have a legitimate version of Cubasis 3.72 RC2 that I purchased with the VST Project Pack that included the sound card years ago. I’m just trying to upgrade it to either SX, SE or SL for the sole purpose of converting a bunch of .ALL projects to .cpr to run elsewhere with ‘modern’ versions of Cubase.

I installed 3.72 on my Windows 7 32-bit desktop running a Delta 2496 card and it works fine. I tried installing SE_3_03 on the same machine: the installation of both the licenser and the product appeared to go without any problem. However upon launching the program, it failed to find an elicensing device (as expected, as Cubasis VST did not require one). But SE crashes shortly thereafter, as the warning indicates it will.

Could someone please let me know if I did something wrong or if there is a different solution to getting these older projects converted.