Cannot Upgrade Dorico 4 to 5

Les, I’m glad things worked out for you, but I am definitely still struggling. I had Dorico 4, so I purchased the $100 upgrade to Dorico 5. I put the download code into the Download Assistant, but every time I go to download the software, it downloads Dorico SE 5. I’ve tried at least 5 different times to fix the issue, but I cannot get Dorico Pro 5 to download…

There is only one Dorico 5 program; it runs as SE, Elements or Pro dependent on which license it finds. Please confirm that you’ve followed the last few lines of Daniel’s post, three above this one:

@pianoleo As you can see, I have both Dorico Pro 5 and Dorico SE 5 listed as “My Product Downloads.” I had been forgetting to input the DAC, but I did that a few times before going to the forum. Dorico Pro 5 appeared. I downloaded THAT version, but when I go to open the downloaded Dorico 5 application, it comes up as Dorico SE. Also, there is no refresh button in the upper right-hand corner.


That’s still the Steinberg Download Assistant. I asked about the Steinberg Activation Manager, which is a different program.

I purchased the $100 upgrade to Dorico 5 from Dorico 4. I downloaded the software, put my Download Access Code into the Download Assistant, and activated it in the Activation Manager, but I still continue to open up Dorico SE 5. I cannot get the pro version to open, even when it says “Dorico Pro 5” in the Download Assistant. However, when I input my code, it says my product is supposed to be labeled as “Dorico Pro 5 Upgrade from Dorico 4” and I am not seeing that. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading Dorico at least 6 times, always with the same issue. I am out of options and ideas.

Thank you for any assistance!

I am posting screenshots for reference.


You do not need to post the same thing twice. Members of the Development Team (and many fellow posters) read all messages and tend to respond as soon as they are able. (This is a weekend, after all.)

sometimes it helps to reboot the machine.

@Derrek I didn’t think the reply showed up in the same way a post would. Sorry.

@jjhoppermusic, I’m sorry to read that you’re having this problem. Would you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report after running Dorico so we can take a look at the logs generated by Dorico and the licensing system and see if we can figure out what might be going on?

So, the problem magically corrected itself when I went to download Dorico again to give you the Diagnostic Report. It all seems to be good to go now. Thank you for your help.