Cannot use Native Instruments' Komplete Kontrol in Cubase 10.5

None of my Native Instruments’ plug-ins load/work in Cubase 10.5. This issue has been frustrating me for several months now, but I get around it by using Cubase 10 (they show up and work fine there).

Here’s a related topic thread that gave possible solutions, but none worked for me.

Since I could use Komplete Kontrol in Cubase 10, I gave up looking for a solution, but now that Cubase 10.5 has been updated again, I really want to get everything working in one version.

Any solutions? Do any other users still have similar problems?

I have spent several days trying to get Komplete Kontrol working. Yesterday I deleted the old version of Cubase pro 10.5 and did a complete fresh install of the latest 10.5.20 build.
Komplete Kontrol worked…for about 10 minutes and then the screen kind of flashed and all instruments disappeared with the now familiar request to re-scan the Komplete control database.

Ableton is working fine and Komplete Kontrol works as a stand alone librarian if Cubase isnt loaded

The good news is that my Native Instruments keyboard can control Cubase functions …start, stop, record etc but non of the Cubase VSTs display on the Native instrument keyboard screens.

It doesn’t help that there seems to be multiple online instructions so I have tried to just follow Steinberg or Native Instruments directions.

My son cant believe that I still use Cubase and still have problems with it - we started on Atari and were early pc adopters while he deserted several years back for Ableton and has not had any problems.

PS - ALL of the plug ins etc are valid and paid for

Just tried again today and now, Komplete Kontrol can be added as a track and I can audition sounds using the keyboard controls and see them on the keyboard screen but when I try to load them into the Cubase track I get the message that file doesn’t exist and to rescan via the Komplete Kontrol stand alone app.
Odd that I can audition the sounds but cant actually load them into Cubase

Are all your Komplete Kontrol instruments up to date ? I keep mine in Native Access which updates them if need be .

Yes, they are. And yes, I have Native Access. Updating everything is the first thing I do when troubleshooting.

I noticed that there are dozens of NI files blacklisted in my plug in manager - The plug in manager has the address for the NI 64bit VST files that are on my D drive but they dont seem to get picked up. Tried hitting the refresh button as well as reloading Cubase but still cant load sounds that are displayed on the NI keyboard screen - but I have to admit that I really am a novice with plug ins and perhaps I am missing a step somewhere

Fixed it!!! We keep what we thought were all of the VSTs on the D drive but when I checked the dates of the VSTs using the plug in manager they seemed very old. The old original Komplete files were still on the C drive and apparently getting picked up when launching Cubase. So I renamed them eg komplete.dl2 instead of Dll (in case they were needed ) and copied the newer files there to replace them. All working now and sorry for blaming Steinberg!!! But it would be good if Cubase always loaded newer files in preference to older ones but I guess that would be quite an undertaking considering how many there are. By the way I use Windows 10 so not sure if the same situation can exist for Mac users

Thank you, mathewjg! I don’t have time right now to try this out, but I will later in the day… and report back.