Cannot Use Remote Access Apps To Daw-AERO

virtually ALL remote control applications, Windows RPC, RAdmin, Teamviewer, etc use mirror drivers to send/display desktop remotely. Windows disables Aero gfx when a mirror driver is invoked. Is there a way around this? Remote DAW control is a requirement in networked studios. Is it possible to have cubase 8 function in classic mode as earlier versions did?

Aero through Remote Desktop work only when your are connecting to a Windows 7 Ultimate, windows 2008 Server or 2008 Server R2 session.

It’s a Microsoft limitation.

I remember having it work with VNC, but it was long time ago. Maybe you should give it a try.

I’d be very interested in knowing if this works - I haven’t installed Cb8 yet but I do use Teamviewer to control Cubase pretty often, e.g. remote browsing to fix things when I’m in another studio or completing time consuming exports while I’m out and about (life is short, I can get off to do other things while Cubase grunts it way though mastering renders say…).


I use tightVNC with AERO

with win7 pro cubase 8 ?

It is possible to use RealVNC with Aero,but for this, you need to disable the use of the mirror driver in RealVNC.

Without mirror driver, the remote control applicaion uses much more cpu power and you see ASIO performance going down significantly.

One solution is to use KVM hardware which does not interfere with the system. Then you can use Aero and remote the system without any performance hit. There are even KVM over IP extenders which work with RealVNC clients. This is my way to deal with the situation where C8 forces me to use Aero.

Regards, Mikael