Cannot use Rewire in Cubase 10 Pro. - DESPERATE for help!

Hi guys

I’ve spent the past few hours exhausting basic technical support from Steinberg which seem to be a lot more challenging to get as a European customer than one in the US but I digress.

I need to have Cubase working with Presonus Notion via Rewire within the next 30 minutes, and I’ve been at this all day. I’ve had it working in the past (on previous versions of Cubase) and I have no idea why it’s not working on this one. Notion is not showing as a Rewire device under Rewire setup within Cubase, and I can confirm everything is setup correctly on Notion’s end. The only actual difference I can see now from back then is due to being on Cubase 10.

If it helps, I’m on a Mac Pro running High Sierra and I have the latest patches for both Cubase 10 and Nuendo 6. Big thanks to anyone who has some suggestions.

I guess the 30 minutes are up… but I had an issue with Windows that for some Reason (pun) the Rewire.dll was not in the right folder. Had to find it and move it there…

Sometimes Rewire can get messed up (with PC) with different sample rates. Only suggestion is to fully close both programs. I would open Notion by itself make sure it’s same sample rate that you want. Then close, then start your full open procedure. Cubase open before project and check the rewire settings… Then open project.
That is what I do for PC. But Rewire has been no issues since latest patch.

Hi guys

Indeed I have missed my deadline but I still need to get it working. The sample rate is an interesting point, I do have both Notion and Cubase set to the same sample rate, but I’m wondering if the fact that I have my interface “externally clocked” as being an issue, and the main reason for that is that my performance instrument (Keyboard) is connected via ADAT. If I don’t have it externally clocked, the sound is digital and awful. I’m wondering if I try a good old fashioned analogue input instead, leaving the interface internally clocked, and see if that rectifies it.

Nope, that didn’t work either lol. Notion still does not show in Cubase, even after restarting both