Cannot use the GPL3 option

this is about the document " Steinberg VST usage guidelines".

This document places additional requirements on the use of the software, acting like an additional set of license terms.

From the POV of some actors of the open source world, this would cause the software to be falsely a GPL3 package, and incompatible with other free software.
For instance, it was brought to my attention earlier that Redhat has been actively removing VST3 functionality from the software they publish, because of this reason.

This becomes a clear obstacle to adoption of VST3 in open source.
For instance, there recently is OBS studio VST support.
While I am not one of them and I don’t pretend to speak for them, I see very well this license issue being an obstacle to adoption there also.

So it would be great if Steinberg can give help about this, either by clarifying or softening the current license requirements for Open source.

(for instance, it’s not clear as it is whether the GPL3 allows opensource publishers to do away with the additional terms, by virtue of the section 7)

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