Cannot view Chord Syntax

Hi -

I am unable to see the Chord symbol in the Key Editor. I have all options selectable activated.

My previous post dealt with the auto scroll feature cannot be enabled. Used to be able to turn that on and off in general settings. Where’s it go in Cubase 6?

Enable the status line and rtfm.



Everything is enabled in the key editor and project desk – where is the status line? and what does rtfm mean?

rtfm means Read The Fantastic Manual :wink:

The status line is one of info lines along at the top of the editor.
Screen shot 2011-04-30 at 10.32.34 AM.gif

Had you carefully read my post, it states that the status line was enabled even though I couldn’t think of the exact FM term. I also stated that all features were enabled, further, I do know the word is and it’s not fantastic.

The Cubase AI4/5 and 6 manual is not direct and it is as cryptic as Yamaha manuals have been for a couple of decades.

Now maybe an elder member of this forum can help me. Please.

so i take it you have pressed “shift+f2” while in key edit - ticked all boxes ,then gone up to the status line and activated the tickbox (on pc its right mouse click )for the chord symbol ???

  1. That would be a no.

  2. I am grateful for your response and knowledge.

  3. I will stop whining.