Cann't completely remove library !!??

I install some Styles library such as “Metal Essentials”、"Pop Essentials“、“Modern Jass Essentials” etc.
when I found these must be paid to used, I remove all Styles library through “Halion Library Manager”


I found these Styles library still appear in my system when I open Cubase10 and start Groove Agent 5
the Styles library icon such as “Metal Essentials”、"Pop Essentials“、“Modern Jass Essentials” … still appear in Groove Agent 5
I search all the vst path and delete all the files I can found about Styles library
but guess what…all the Styles library still be in my Cubase10 Groove Agent 5 but they cann’t be used at all.

I hate this !!
I want the library disappear in my Cubase completely when I donn’t want use it!
I donn’t want to see them anymore after removing from my system!
do you know that feeling?? :cry: :cry:

can somebody tell me how to remove Groove Agent 5 library completely!! clearly!!

thank you!!!

I’m having the same problem. Not with the libraries you mentioned, but with the factory library. I removed all of the content using the Library Manager, (send to trash) but all of the names still show up in the browser. Is there any way to remove these preset name files?