cant access Cubase 4 studio after trial Cubase 6

So, I took the chance and downloaded the trial version of Cubase 6… coool, might wind up getting it… but after deleting the cubase 6 files… I cant get Cubase 4 studio to open on my Mac without giving me the

“Cubase Studio 6 quit Unexpectedly” report… I checked my license and it still has my Cubase 4 license.

I even tried to reinstall 4, but still cant open it

Try trashing Prefs.

nope still didnt work

ok, so i reinstalled cubase 6 trail… and it crashed!

Did you delete the C6 app data folder as well as trashing C4 prefs?

no where do i find that???

My signature would be a good place to start. :confused:

yep deleted that too…

if I wanted to remove all cubase… then reinstall it, what would I remove…

how can i save the music files, also running ozone 4

After un-install, the folder refered to in that article is what you’d remove. Are you running the latest eLicense? All drivers/ firmware up to date?

even support is having issues with this… they say running 10.6 and installing cubase 6 trial, it might have chnaged something in 10.6, not allowing me to go back and open cubase 4… I said ok, send me cubase 6, becuase your going to have many people when the time comes have this issue…

I found every folder noted cubase or steinberg … deleted everything, kept my audio files, notes in a sep folder on the desktop renamed. even uninstalled the latest license, t= back to the old one… still nothing…

when I click the icon… 4 secs later i get the crash notice… it doesnt even make it to the Cubase load page

knowng what I know now…

DO NOT download trial version CUBASE 6 on mac running 10.6!!

You cannot go back o your orginal version ( ex. cubase 4)

I guess Im forced to get Cubase 6 now

cross hint:
I haven’t installed Cubase 6 trial yet, but I had another issue which made Cubase 4 crash:
OSX 10.6.7 upgrade…

If you per occasion during the last days upgraded too to OSX 10.6.7 older Versions of Cubase (meaning smaller than C5) won’t work anymore!!!

The last working OSX version which is compatible with Cubase 4 or SX3 is 10.6.6.
If you use one of these Cubase versions DO NOT upgrade to 10.6.7. If you have 10.6.7 try to downgrade to 10.6.6 (by first installing OSX 10.6.x off the DVD and then running the 10.6.6. combo upgrade…)

problem with doing that is when you run the disk… it still ends up at 10.6.7

I found one thing… when I run mac in safe mode… cubase opens!!!

I rebooted and it ran find… closed Cubase tried to reopen and got the dreaded…“Cubase quits unexpectedly”

Here is my issue… I run Cubase 4 on mac… downloaded cubase 6 demo, worked great. Removed the demo… and when I open Cubase 4, I get the “quit unexpectedly” sign. I have tried everything. reinstalls, deleting preferences, etc, Stienberg is working on this, but here is what I have found so far…

When I restart in safe mode… the program works!!!.. so I figured it must be a start up extension?

How do I find those?, how do I check each one until I find the right one? then delete it?

All Cubase < 5 versions are incompatible with OSX 10.6.7

So try to get a OSX DVD < 10.6.7. the downgrade works, I did it also myself after 10.6.7 messed up older Cubase Versions… Using the OSX Installer DVD rerun the inst. (in my case it was 10.6.2) then use ComboUpgrade 10.6.6…