Can't access VST Transit - Cubase 8.5 trial

We’re thinking about updating to Cubase 8.5 in my companies sound department. VST Transit is the feature that interests us the most about this update, but we’ve been unable to access it.

After downloading Cubase 8.5 and registering the Serial# that Steinberg emailed me (in the eLicenser control panel) for the trial , I open up Cubase and only find VST Connect as an option under VST Cloud —> SE---->

The description of the trial said that there were no resrictions. How do I access the VST Transit feature?


I am sorry. VST Transit is not part of the Trial version of Cubase.

Have a nice day,

We do have one copy of Cubase 8.5 with a full license at the office, and I also have my own license for personal use at home. Would I be able to use my elicenser here at work to unlock the VST transit feature in the trial version (so we can try the feature out)? We wanted to be able to test it out during business hours with all of the sound engineers present.


… yes, an eLicencer with a full Cubase 8.5 licence will enable VST Transit.

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