Can't activate Amped Elektra

Hello everyone!

Today I finally started downloaded everything I need to start using Cubase. I had some vouchers when I purchased Cubase pro 12 2 years ago and I have already activated them all so I don’t miss them. After 2 years I wanted to download Amped Elektra which appears on “My product downloads” in Steinberg download assistance but when I open Halion to play with Amped Elektra it asks for a license. I have upgraded my pc with a new hard drive and I’m sure that’s the issue behind it. How can I reactive my license? I don’t have any code or anything like that.


welcome to the forum.
Is Amped Elektra listed in the Steinberg Activation Manager and is it activated there? Maybe you just need to activate the license again.


No it’s not listed for some weird reason but I have it on “My product downloads” as you can see from the screenshot.

you can check what products you own on the Steinberg website. you can also check under the “deactivate license on unavailable computers” - if you find your old system there just delete it.

in my experience, Amped Electra will activate itself if you have available licenses on the new copy protection system. If the Amped Elektra is on the old dongle system you would need to move it to the new system if you don’t have your dongle

I only see Cubase pro 12 and nothing else. Oh well, I guess I will never be able to have the plugin even though I had it. Steinberg makes everything so complicated that sometimes I wish I haven’t purchased from them.