Can't Activate Cubase 7 upgrade

I purchased the upgrade from Cubase LE 4 to Cubase 7. I had the Cubase 7 demo previously installed. I reinstalled everything from my new DVD’s but when I go to the eLlicenser site it said I don’t have a product to upgrade from. In ‘My Steinberg’ I have Cbase LE 4 registered but it is on a SOFT eLicenser so it’s not on my hardware dongle. Cubase still seems to run in demo mode and I have 9 days left. How do I register / activate?


Well - I can’t say how it is been done from a soft-eLicenser.

I my case I tranferred the licence from the LE version to a freshly bought hardware eLicenser. After that I did the upgrade (altough it was from 4LE to Artist 6 in my case), and that went without any hassle.

Did you got an hardware dongle with the product? If so - what exactly happens when you try to upgrade? If the upgrade licence code is not accepted (and thus not registrated yet) I guess you can try to transfer the LE licence to the hardware eLicenser and THEN do the licence upgrade.

If all fails, you can try to contact support…

I already had an eLicenser dongle but I tried it and asdo the one that came with the upgrade but still got the error that I don’t have anything to upgrade. I couldn’t figure out how to transfer the soft license to the hardware dongle.

I tried to reactive in My Steinberg and got the following error:

“The license cannot be reactivated. The apparently new eLicenser contains the license of the old activation code. Please enter another Soft-eLicenser number or contact the support team of Steinberg!”

Cubase support was quick and effective in sorting this out. Great 1st impression.