Can't Activate Cubase 9.5 pro trial version

Hi everyone.

I have received my Trial Activation code via email. When I first run Cubase 9.5 Pro trial it tells me I have to Start License Activation, which I do. When I type in my code in the eLicenser Software recognized it as a Cubase 9.5 Pro Trial code. But when I continue from there I get is a picture of a hard drive (soft elicenser) with a X thru it, and a message saying "Currently, there is no USB-elicense connected to your computer. Please connect a USB-eLicense to your computer.

It recognizes it’a a SoL (soft e-Licenser) but is still looking for a USB dongle.

I downloaded the newest version of the eLicenser Control Center, been through all the online registration. But still cannot get the trial to Activate.

When I run the eLicenser Control Center (v6.10.6.2221) alone it ran the maintenance and all 6 steps completed with an OK message. The serial number is listed as a SoL. When I enter the activation code here with the SoL selected it gives me the same error message regarding the USB-eLicenser.


Hi Chillz,

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Same problem, Please help us fix it.