Can't activate Cubase Pro 11 with soft license, just asks for USB License

I bought Cubase Pro 11 on their website last Sunday (28/11/21), so that my daughter can use it for college (She needs it for an assignment)
I don’t know if a USB license is been sent to me, but that’s another matter (Steinbergs assistance and monitoring is terrible!).
So I downloaded the software with all the relevant codes, not really a problem. The issue I have, is when I try to activate the software.
I enter the activation code in the e-licenser and it recognises Cubase 11 Pro, but it won’t let me use the soft license, I think it only wants be to use the USB.
Steinberg won’t tell me when i’m going to receive the USB license and in the mean time for two days i’ve sent them numerous support tickets with no response.
This is truly shocking assistance by Steinberg.
My daughter needs to use this product immediately and i’m getting no help from them.
Really regretting getting this software. Paid £500 for an e-mail.
Any assistance from someone to get this going would be really, really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


This is because Cubase Pro requires the USB Elicenser.

Did you select the checkbox to buy a USB elc when you bought the program? You can see whether you did in your emailed receipt. In that same email is a link to the store, which is a 3rd party where you created an account, which you can log into.

You might be interested in this:

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Ah thanks Steve, I did order the USB license, but everything online said I could do it without, so I’ll take that into account and wait.
By any chance do you know how long they usually take to distribute to the UK?
I ordered it on Sunday, I was hoping I’d see it within this week, as she needs this for her assignment on her music course.
Thanks for your help once again Steve.



As far as how long it takes to receive the dongle, I do not know about that stuff.

Probably you got tripped up by the naming of the different levels of the program, from most expensive to least: Pro, Artist, Elements, AI, LE. Only Elements, AI and LE use the soft-elicense.

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Buying one in a real UK shop with 24 hour delivery might be your fastest and safest bet. I have a real shop here in Amsterdam practically around the corner and bought mine there.

In the UK they always used to come from Germany and take a couple of days.
Obviously they take longer these days.
If you need one in a hurry I’d order one from a UK online supplier if you don’t have a local store that stocks one. It never hurts to have a spare.

Good tip, thanks Vinark :+1:

I’ll just have to wait and see now Planarchist. Couldn’t find any UK distributors :cry:

Just google shopping

Really.? Don’t know where you are in the UK but Amazon has them for £23 delivery tomorrow. My nearest store (GAK) has them even cheaper for delivery tomorrow too.

Thanks Planarchist, just bought one for tomorrow’s delivery. My daughter will be so happy :grin:, tha KS for your help with this once again.

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