Can't activate Cycle when trying to skip a region or section

Hi I have a quick question,

I can’t seem to be able to activate cycle for when I want to skip a region or section of a song my locators are greyed out. The one where the Left and Right locators turns orange instead of purple. When I try to activate cycle when trying to skip a section for some reason it is greyed out and does not work. It only seems to work when the locator section is purple.

I don’t know what I done or changed in cubase.

Does anyone know what I can do so I can fix this.

Any help would be great thanks

This doesn’t work for you?

Yes exactly that, that does not work for me when it goes orange which is what I want it greys out and I can’t select activate cycle. I have no idea why it is doing this.

If Cycle is deactivated, this also applies to Skip.

Here is a clip of what it is

Not sure what you mean if Cycle is deactivated. where would this be in the options?

I mean the Activate Cycle button in the Transport Bar (purple = cycle/skip active, grey = cycle/skip not active).



Right thanks ASM, I think I got what you mean now.

Well when I inverse the L and R locators, cubase switches off the Activate cycle button by it self and I can’t turn it on again. it only works when the locators are purple does that make sense?

look at the video of what I mean.

Ok, now I understand what you mean. As soon as the locators are inverted, Cycle switches off and you can no longer switch it on. Only when you move them back into a normal sequence, Cycle is (or can be) reactivated again.

Yeah that seems to be what is happening.

Cubase switches off activate cycles by it self when I inverse the locators but putting them back to normal I can then turn activate cycles on again. I just don’t know what I done or changed in cubase to make cubase work like that.

I don’t know what options to change.
I have no idea any one have any idea?

That be great thanks.

I’d first troubleshoot the Preferences then.
When (double)-clicking the Cubase icon to start Cubase hold down Cmd+Opt+Shift
and select to disable User Preferences in the upcoming dialog.

If that won’t do quit Cubase and rename the entire preference folder.

Yes thank you I opened an empty project and then I disabled preferences
The locators miraculously were working so I closed that project and then opened the other project I am working on and the locators worked again, that seems to have fixed the issue.

I am not sure why this is all working now as I have not changed or moved any folders but the locators are working again that is great thanks Johnny_Moneto.