Can't activate Dorico Elements 2


So my old computer crashed.
Bought a new MacBook, OSX 10.14.3. Downloaded latest eLicenser software, Dorico build etc. Have my physical eLicenser connected.
On the Steinberg “My Products” page my eLicenser shows up with my license for Dorico Elements 2 and it says that it’s activated.
When I try to start Dorico I get a dialogue saying:
“No license was found. Click Enter Activation Code to Launch eLicenser Control Center and enter your Activation Code”.
When I try to enter the activation code that I have it says, “The product code was recognized correctly”. Then when I try to activate by pressing the “activate” button it says: "The license code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license.
" and I can activate.

What is the problem?

Did you ever actually move your Elements license from the old computer to the USB eLicenser?

I always had it on the USB dongle. Never on the actual computer.

NEVER MIND. My bad… had accidentally downloaded Dorico 1 (!!!) instead…