Can't Activate Extra Outputs for Kontakt 5

The outputs I’m creating do not show up in the list of outputs to activate.

Here are the steps I’m taking.
Create a Rack Instrument - Kontakt 8 out or Kontakt 16 out
Go to the outputs section down at the bottom and click on the + symbol.
Enter 4 for quantity and leave channels at 2 (for stereo outs)
Change Soundcard/Host output from ‘not connected’ to the first output available (Kt St.1 1)
Leave Ascending output assignment selected
Select ‘Delete existing channels before creating new ones’
Click OK.

The outputs section now contains the new channels and I can assign my Kontakt instruments to them.
When I try to activate the new outputs from the Rack Instrument or from Kontakt itself, the list of outputs does not contain the new options. Only the original options are there. Am I missing a step or is this a bug in Kontakt or Cubase?

Figured it out.

What you have to do is select the checkbox that says to make it the default configuration. (Not what I wanted to do, but necessary step)
Then you have to completely remove the instruments and the VSTi from the rack.
Then you start up a new instance of Kontakt.
NOW, you can activate the new outputs.

Really - this is how things have to be done?

Yes Kontakt works that way because it can save (I think) 3 different VST instrument .dll files for different configurations. I guess it’s nice to have that versatility but it makes Kontakt a little more complicated in using that feature.
Glad you got it working.