Can't activate Halion 6

I have purchased Halion 6 from a reseller ( and found the acces code in the product purchased.
I am trying to activate the licenses on both my iMac and my laptop MacBook Pro, as done with the Cubese 9 Elements recently purchased.
It looks the activation code a receive from system mail has been already used. I used once on the iMac and worked, but when I was trying to register the software in the MySteinberg it looks that my SeL was for the system deprecated. I use the maintenance software for eLicence control center and obtained a new EL number.
Reinstalled license of cubase but I am stucked for Halion6, can’t install on both computer. I am conscious that I can use the two software not at the same time, for cubase works.
I read the FAQ and it could be that for Halion6 I need an USB-eLicence to be used on 2 computer, do you confirm? Already purchase a USB eLicence arriving next days.
Anyhow I still need one activation key to register on one computer at least.
As per info on the computer I am trying to register I was running the demo version, do I have to reinstall the software from the download link?

The activation code I receive from the system when I enter in the my registration area I receive this message The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code is deprecated, that should be referred to the eLicenser was in the control center before I used the maintenance software for eLicence control center and obtain a new eLicenser number

Please help, I have submitted the ticked already 6 days ago.

After 7 days my ticket is still open nobody reply to give me a solution.
Also tried to call by phone the end users support but, a recorded voice suggest me to go back to website or forum.
Is there anybody out there? :confused: