Cant activate input effects in UR 28M (solved)


I am getting set up to record a vocalist in a couple of hours.

I would like to use the feature of CUBASE 8 and UR 28 M where by reverb and compression can be applied to the direct monitor on the input without printing those effects to the track.

I have done this before, I cant seem to get it set up. The Manual is not much help as it refers to buttons on the mixer in an older version of CUBASE.

I cant find anywhere in my GUI any kind of button to enable the “hardware” pop up of the GUI.

Where is it? How do I get to the Hardward controls of the GUI to enable and control the UR28 M effects on the input track (monitoring only).

Cubase 8.0.0 with UR28 M on a late 2011 MACBOOK PRO with os10.12.3

Cubase was running then I connected the ur 28m then went into devices to change driver to US28M.
Connecting the interface AFTER cubase was already working seems to be the problem.

I closed Cubase - restarted it with the UR 28 M connected and now that part of he GUI that was missing is visible.

NOTE : In a mobile rig you must connect UR 28 M FIRST, my problem was that I was doing some simple edits with headphones connected to the built in audio before connecting UR 28m. That was the problem.