Cant activate license, need help.

I upgraded from 6.5 to 8. I’m getting a message that my license is expiring. My elicence controller wont let me upgrade the licence and the site wont let me register 8. All it keeps showing is cubase 7 download from my 6.5 and my now download of 8 wont register. I went through everything under the support section including redownloading my elicense controller and am justs tuck right now. I have no idea what to do, is Steinberg just junk when you download online and should I have bought a hard copy instead? Please help.

Q1. Open eLicenser Control Center. What license do you have?

Q2. Does Cubase 8 work?

can u see your registered product on your page, there is an elicenser tab too, it should looks like this

USB-eLicenser: 1300586 XXXXX
Products on this eLicenser: Cubase Pro 8, HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Registered Product Activation Code

03/12/2014 22:29 Cubase Pro 8 0240 7CBQ VEZI DOSF FNQJ TD00 XXXX XXXX

I think I know what is going on now but have no idea what to do. I bought the artist 8 upgrade and i think the 6.5 artist wont let me upgrade because that one was educational. Am I just out the $150 I paid for it or is there a way to upgrade my artist 6.5. educational to the 8 that i bought? Everything is installed, just my elicenser wont let me upgrade the 6.5 license and I think it has to be cause of the difference from educational to regular. Any ideas how to proceed?

Are you a Mac user. The new download addresses this:

[BON-6652]Fixed an issue where using “Start License Activation” had no effect (Mac OS X only).

So do i need to download cubase 7 now before i can get 8 to activate or do i need to redownload 8?

I have the license for Artist 7. Cubase did work until the trial license ran out. Now it needs to be activated and it wont allow me to select anything in the licenser to upgrade.

I downloaded and installed the update and it didnt help. I have no idea what to do.

Nope not there and it wont let me register and says i need to activate in my elicenser but my elicenser wont let me upgrade.

According to this post, you ALREADY have a Cubase 8 Pro license on the USB eLicenser. You don’t need to activate anything, which is why I earlier asked if Cubase 8 Pro works.

I dont have Cubase 8 pro. That was not taken from my post, it was quoted from theirs. My licenser only shows 7. Still can’t activate guys, please shoot any other ideas over. Its been days and support still hasnt gotten back to me and I spend hours every night after work trying to resolve this. What are some other programs comparable to Cubase and in the $300 price range? I think Ive had enough.

Also when i open cubase 8 artist and it says no valid license and wont let me use it.

I’d like to help you.

Are you sure you bought the correct upgrade? 6.5 to 8?

Do you have the receipt?

i bought EDU 6.5, then cubase 7 upgrade (regular), then 7.5, then 8. no prob.

What doesn’t make much sense is that you have said your elicencer shows a C7 licence but you are upgrading from C6.5.

Can you confirm this is the case…and if so did it say C7 before you did anything or have you changed it from C6.5 to C7 by entering your activation code?

this all copy pasted from my email besides the X’s.
1 Cubase Artist 8 Update from Cubase Artist 6 / 6.5
Item No. XXXXXXXXX Download Win / Mac $149.99

When this all started, I had cubase 6.5 artist. When activation for artist 8 wasn’t working, I started trying to download and update everything. I dont know why 7 ended up here but now my elicenser says i have artist 7 after all the updates, even though I dont have it installed and my original activation code for it is still the one from my box for 6.5 On my stienberg page it also now shows that i have 7, I dont want 7 or know how it started to update to that.

And yes i have the receipt.

Did you buy this direct from Steinberg shop?

Have you at any point managed to enter the new activation code you got for the upgrade…even if it didn’t upgrade your licence to C8??

Maybe when i was trying to update everything, the Grace Period picked up my 6.5 and made my license a 7? Dont under stand how that could be though because when i uninstall my e license and erase everything and then start from scratch, my original activation code shows up in my elicenser as 6.5 at first

I dont know why 7 ended up here but now my elicenser says i have artist 7 after all the updates, even though I dont have it installed

The program and the licence are entirely separate…so installing programs won’t activate them. If you definitely started out with C6.5 and now you have 7 licence showing then some activation must have happened.

and my original activation code for it is still the one from my box for 6.5

How do you know this…the activation code isn’t visible anywhere once you’ve used it??

Yes, i bought the download from the shop. The activation code for 8 wont work, the elicenser says its for 6.5. to 8 but says i have no upgradable license so i wont upgrade me.