Can't activate My Steinberg account, Please advice

I received an email with a link (several times now in the last few hours) and every time I click on the link to activate my account it displays the following on my browser:

Please advice.


Note: This behavior is not related to browser or operating system. The link will display what you see above on any browser regardless of adblock plugins settings.

Figured out part of the problem. Yamaha uses the services of spamhaus and they have blacklisted email addresses from the domain my email belongs to.

I discovered this as emails I sent to a Yamaha sales manager who was trying to assist me with this issue on the phone bounced from their server. Interestingly not all emails bounced but some did and there were links in the mailer daemon that led me to the url above. I don’t want to use another email address to register but I don’t see how this could be resolved any other way in a reasonable time period.

Oh well, whatever it takes.