Can't activate newly bought authorization code for Cubase pro 9.5


I tried the demo of Cubase Pro 9.5 for a month with an elicenser plugged in my iMac.
No problem there.
The demo has expired yesterday, so I bought the final product yesterday and got the authorization code by email this morning.

Now that I try to authorize Cubase via the eLicenser software (, as soon as I type the auth code, I get a message telling me that my eLicenser software is not up to date.
Ok, I went to the link and updated it (I uninstalled the previous version and have now the latest which has been updated on October the 5th 2018).
I try to authorize Cubase again but I keep getting the error message (update the eLicenser software) and the activation doesn’t occur.

I sent an email to Steinberg with no reply yet, we are Friday evening and the automatic response email says that it might take days before I get an answer.

This is quite annoying because I bought the software online 70 euros more expansive than the physical retail price so that I can get the code immediately and could start working with it. I fear that I would be unable to use Cubase for days which would be a problem.

Has anyone any idea on how I could solve my problem?

PS: There is a feature that launches with the eLC software and allows to perform some checks (it corresponds to “Maintenance” in french). This has been done and everything seems to be fine.



Did you get an Activation Code or the Download Access Code?

If you get an Download Access Code, use it if the MySteinberg account to get the Activation Code, please.

Very good point, thank you.

In fact, I bought the authorization code at “” and I received an email from them telling me this was the SERIAL NUMBER of Cubase.
So, I assumed it was the one to enter in the eLC.
The error message was quite misleading too as it didn’t say it was a problem with the code, only that it was a software update problem.

Anyway, I did what you suggest and I registered this code in “MySteinberg”.
It worked as it generated a license code, so thank you very much Martin.


It generates this product licence: “Cubase Pro 9.5 US EE (DAC)”
It seems to me that “EE” stands for Education Edition".
And when I go to the eLC, to be sure, it shows this once I enter the new code (see the attachment file).
Sans titre3.png
So, I bought the full price but it clearly says “Steinberg Educational”. And I’m 200% sure I bough the standard Cubase Pro 9.5 version (I verified many times before and after the transaction and no email or document states otherwise).

I’m pretty sure the standard and educational editions are just the same in terms of features BUT it might be a problem when I want to update the software to a new major version at a later point (if I’m not mistaken, the update prices depend on the type of Cubase version you initially bought).

I didn’t proceed and validate the serial within the eLC software and prefer to wait until I’m sure it’s ok.
So I’m waiting for you to kindly tell me if I can safely validate this code or not.

With that kind of investment, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Thank you.


The update is the same for EDU. There are two differences:

  1. EDU license is linked with the exact user, so you can’t sell it. (The only option is to upgrade, then it becomes non-EDU, then you can sell it).

  2. You should approve you are a student/teacher/school to the seller. The seller should ask for it.

They gave me an EDU by mistake.
So, they gave me another serial which is ok
Weirdly, now I have two licenses (the EDU is not activate yet) in MySteinberg Cubase.