Can't activate padshop

I can’t move my padshop license to my soft-elicenser. When I try, there’s an error "The e-licenser on this computer was not created on this computer. Please contact support.

I tried to contact support, but when I open a ticket, I’m forwarded to instead of creating a ticket.

How should I solve this problem?

Are you trying to move it from a USB-eLicenser?

If that is the case, it is not possible.

Yes, the license is currently on my usb-eLicenser. Can’t I have the padshop license on the soft-eLicenser?

The other problem is that when I try to move any license to the soft-eLicenser, I get the error “The e-licenser on this computer was not created on this computer. Please contact support”. I tried to open a support ticket, but after the first step I’m redirected to

Ok, I worked myself through the faqs and it seems that I can’t move a license from the elc to the soft-elc. Is this true? How antique is that?
I bought a second padshop license in order to have it on the soft-elc, because I can’t have a dongle in a live situation… Because the soft-elc was broken, it automatically registered to the elc.

I find it hard to believe that it was done “automatically”. I have authorized Steinberg software many times with the eLCC and can’t remember ever having any actions performed without my input.

I’m afraid nobody on these forums can help you with that situation. Your only chance would be to make your case through official Steinberg support. The usual way to raise a support ticket is through your MySteinberg account. All I can say is … good luck with that. :expressionless:

Thanks for your help, even if there’s no easy solution.

I tried opening a ticket through my MySteinberg account. However, when I open a new ticket and click on “continue”, I’m forwarded to steinberg’s website instead of the next step. I tried with different browsers, computers. Seems to be a problem with their new website?