Can't activate WL 11 elements [Resolved]

Purchased and installed WL11 Elements about 20 minutes ago but I have no activation code so can not use it. I have a Confirmation email that contains a Download Access Code but this does not work when entered in to the Activation Code box when trying to run the application.

I also notice that the confirmation email states that it is an upgrade for WL10 to WL11, when in fact I selected update from WL9.5 to WL11 when making the purchase. could this be causing the issue or is it just a typo?

I’ve updated the SDA but this makes no difference.

I believe you need to enter the download access code in your MySteinberg account to receive the actual activation code. Simple and straightforward, eh?

Before doing that, however, I think you should probably confirm that you purchased the correct update. The WaveLab Elements 10->11 update is a different product than from 7-9.5.

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Thanks S_P

I did somehow manage to buy the wrong product!
Steinberg Support line in Germany was very helpful, arranged an instant refund and sent me a link to the correct product. All very efficient, and I love the latest Wavelab GUI.