Can't add fermatas above rhythm notation

Title is self explanatory.

I wish to let my musicians end a piece with a random note (or chord), reinforced by a fermata, but I can’t make it so that it appears above my note.

this is the only thing I can apply a fermata on, and because those are going to be hidden, I can’t have my fermata at all. Any chance this is something that is added in a later version ?

Edit : I can of course use the engrave mode to achieve that, but it’s going to be tedious as I have tons of them to write ^^’

I think the easiest workaround is to create a playing technique and add the fermata glypth.


What happens if you show the caret (Shift-N), position it at the start of the slash, and then input the fermata using the Shift-H popover?

you can add a fernata, if you use standard notation for your random note and only change the notehead to a slash.


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Use Shift-Alt-V to create a slash voice, then enter a quarter. Your stemmed slash will appear and a fermata will attach to it.

@Lillie_Harris Showing the caret didn’t help me at all as the fermata was behind sent behind the slashes zone. I didn’t know how to properly do it so it may not be a bug or anything like that.

@Thomas_Eberth @FredGUnn Now I know two ways to do that, thanks :smiley:

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